Bob Abner
Bob Abner
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Daniel Dunn – Sales Manager, DREES Co.

“The communication was excellent.  I appreciated your commitment to selling all 15 of our listings.  I would definitely recommend Bob Abner to family, friends and other companies.  It was nice to deal with a true professional.”

 Jerold Borman – Hebron, KY

“Advising us on what items to work on to make the house more appealing to sell, with Bob’s marketing plan, my house sold in 4 days at top asking price.  Bob has also treated my referrals with the same professionalism as he gave me.”

 G. L. Bentley – Cold Spring, KY

“Bob was excellent and a professional.  I would recommend Huff Realty and Bob Abner to any potential buyer.”

 Woody & Carol Barnes – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob was very persistent in his efforts to find us a home that met our qualifications and specifications.  He kept us informed and was very patient and friendly throughout the buying process.  Thanks Bob, we love our home!”

 Arthur Jones II – Alexandria, KY

“Bob was always looking for the right property.  He showed us everything that was wrong with the property.  He never tried to push anything on us.  I would recommend Bob Abner to my family and friends.”

 Chuck & Jean Petitt – Highland Heights, KY

“Bob showed us the type of houses we requested and knew a lot about the house, neighborhood, etc.   Bob understood our frustrations and helped calm our fears when they arose.  We knew we could trust him.”

 Steve Herzog – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob was professional in every respect, and handled the transaction with efficiency and attention to detail.”

 Keith & Phyllis Yeager – Southgate, KY

“Making sure his clients are informed, from the initial viewing of the house to the final closing, Bob was very helpful and able to explain in great detail his knowledge of real estate and making the client comfortable through all the planning and transactions.”

 Dan & Donna Wetterstroem – Cold Spring, KY

“Bob was very thorough in explaining all the details about selling a house.  He was also very good about keeping us informed and returning phone calls.

 Vickie Pelgen – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob was the best!  He went over and above the call of duty.  Bob was more than a REALTOR, he became a friend.  He was patient and kind at all times and went out of his way to help.”

 Roger & Nancy Bay – Cold Spring, KY

“We have dealt with Bob many times.  Our children and our church have had many dealings with him.  He has always been very helpful, considerate and caring.  Bob is not just our REALTOR, he has become a very good friend.”

 Tom & Kathy Tracy – Florence, KY

“We knew we had a great agent with Bob, because he knew his business. My husband appreciated Bob’s expertise when we had a question about putting up a fence on the golf course area.  Bob found out right away.  We love our new home, thanks Bob.”

 Bob & MaryAnn Toney – Newport, KY

“We really appreciated all the help Bob extended to us.  Thanks so much for a job well done..”

 Brad & Julie Eglian – Southgate, KY

“Great customer service.  Bob went out of his way to help us in finding our home.  He had a very flexible schedule with us.  Very knowledgeable and was very honest with us.  We would definitely recommend Bob to others looking to buy or sell a home.”

 Mark Gerding – Cold Spring, KY

“Bob has gone beyond what I would consider “standard” services.  He personally went out of his way to help in closing the deal on my new home.  Bob has made me a customer for life.”

 Amy Eyre – Ft. Thomas, KY

“I’ve never met a REALTOR that worked so hard for a customer and I deal with REALTORS on a daily basis.  Professional – Budget Conscious – Easy to talk to -  Listens to wants and needs – Has only the customers priorities in mind – Kept me informed – Has a strong background of community – Knew about properties before they were even on the market – Very resourceful.  Bob Abner is a diamond in the rough.  I now consider Bob not just a REALTOR that sold me a house, but a good friend.”

 Tracie Johnson – Highland Heights, KY

“I loved working with Bob.  He is the best.  I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.”

Melissa Schack – Remax First Connection

“Thanks for making my first transaction such a pleasurable and easy experience.  I look forward to working with you in the future.”

 Chad Crone & Rachelle Sauer – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob is an exceptional REALTOR.  He is hard working and very passionate about what he does.  He is helpful, courteous and understanding of all of his clients needs.  Bob is an all-around great person, as well as, a good friend.  We would definitely use Bob again.”

 Patrick Mangan – Cincinnati, OH

“Two things I value our of any business person are knowledge and dependability and Bob has them covered.  I would recommend Bob to anyone buying or selling a home.”

 Sherry Hardin – Lakeside Park, KY

“Bob went out of his way to find the right home for me and my Dad.  He knew location was important to us and he knew the type of home we were looking for.  He made my elderly father feel comfortable and we felt he was looking out for us.  Bob helped us get our old home ready to sell and gave us helpful suggestions on how to present it.  Buying and selling a home was very stressful and Bob helped us through the whole process.”

 Susan & Elson Holliday – Slade, KY

“Bob and Lori both did an outstanding job for us.  Outstanding knowledge, market pricing, consummate professionals, extremely helpful with recommendations of what should be done to the unit before getting it on the market, friendly and funn.”

 Romey & Tina Reynolds – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob Abner was a true professional.  This is the second time we used him for a real estate purchase and we have recommended him to several friends.  1) Maintaining the highest standard in professionalism.  2) Making a diligent effort to contact me upon locating a potential property of interest.  3) Extremely courteous to meet and exceed my scheduling constraints.  4) Shared knowledgeable expertise in information beneficial to the transaction.”

 James Bettis – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob Abner is the main reason my house is sold.  Without his effort and hard work, I would still be trying to sell the house.  Bob treated me like a longtime friend and I think he went over-the-top and out of his way to help me.  Bob was everything and more that a REALTOR could be.  I felt as if I had made a friend and look forward to working with him again when purchasing another house.  If it were not for Bob and all his work, I’m sure my house would not have sold.”

  Joy Field – Highland Heights, KY

“Bob went above and beyond his “required” duties in taking care of getting my father’s house ready to sell.  He handled everything as if it were his mom and dad’s house.  We really appreciated all of his hard work.  We think he did a wonderful job.”

 Stephen & Barbara Cutter – Cold Spring, KY

“We have bought and sold 15 properties over the years.  Bob Abner was by far the most well prepared, knowledgeable and professional we have ever dealt with.  Bob is a credit to his profession.”

 Korey & Hollie Griffin – Independence, KY

“We have been repeat customers of Bob’s.  He has helped us through three moves.  He genuinely cared about our needs.  He was never pushy like some agents can be.  Bob gave us very useful advice on selling our home.  It sure worked, because he sold our house in less than two weeks.  We would definitely go to Bob in the future.  He’s been a great agent and friend.”

 Howard Gangloff – Cold Spring, KY

“I have worked with Bob Abner on dozens of investment properties both buying and selling.  He kept me informed regularly, returned my phone calls promptly, handled problems efficiently and was a true professional throughout every transaction.  I have referred my children to Bob as well and would definitely recommend Bob Abner to anyone.”

 Lee & Harriet Arrasmith – Melbourne, KY

“We could not be more impressed.  Bob went beyond the expected.  A professional that is an asset to Huff Realty and to the real estate industry.”

 James Alexander Smith – Newport, KY

“Bob kept me informed regularly, returned my phone calls promptly, delivered the services he promised, was knowledgeable and informed, handled any problems efficiently and was a true professional.  I would definitely work with Bob again.”

 Gale Luersen & Jeannine Young – Wilder, KY

“My being in sales for many years, I can appreciate the services that Bob provided Jeannine and myself.  I will definitely recommend Bob to my friends and anyone else.  A true professional.”

 Eugene & Ethel Wright – Florence, KY

“We were very satisfied with Bob’s overall services throughout the sale and purchase of our homes.  He was very prepared, courteous and patient.  He returned our phone calls promptly and delivered his services as promised.”

 Shawn & Lauren Cook – Covington, KY

“Bob Abner was great throughout our home buying process.  He is very trustworthy and made suggestions without being pushy.  He was always patient with us and our decision making.  We couldn’t have done this without him.  We highly recommend Bob Abner to anyone.”

 Joe Deaton – Ludlow, KY

“Bob is very good because he talked and worked with me and with my income.  He always found a way, and he worked everything out.  If someone would come to me, I would refer them to Bob because he knows hot to do it the right way and he isn’t after the money.”

 Bill & Mary Ellen Donahue – Cold Spring, KY

“Bob did a great job all around.  He was very flexible and dedicated in meeting our needs and helping us find the right house in the right location.”

 Richard Dossenbach – Dayton, KY

“Bob was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, patient and willing to pass on his vast wealth of NKY history when we would be looking at various properties.  I hope to work with him again.”

 Jerry & Rebecca Sebastian – Wilder, KY

“Bob Abner did a great job both in helping us sell our home and helping us to find another home.”

 David Ninemets – Southgate, KY

“Bob was terrific through the whole buying process.  I have no complaints.”

 Kelly & Adam Leisring – Alexandria, KY

“Bob Abner kept us very informed of all events during the sale of our house.  We ran into him a couple of times out in public and he always gave us an update.  He seemed to always know what was going on, even when he wasn’t in front of his computer.  We were very pleased with his performance and would definitely recommend him to anyone.  We will also contact him when we are ready to sell our new house.”

 Joan Buten – Ft. Thomas

“Bob was a big help to me and my husband.  My husband was taking cancer treatments when we decided to sell our house.  We definitely needed a REALTOR who cared, and had patience (because many times we couldn’t meet him, but he tried to make it convenient for us).  Bob made us feel like family to him.  He was caring, kind and felt at ease with him, and knew he would think of our best interests.  It was definitely at a hard time for us, but Bob made us much more confident and at ease.”

 Dustin & Lisa Hager – Erlanger, KY

“Bob was AWESOME!  I was amazed at how fast we found a home.  He was really accommodating.  I lived in Maryland at the time we were searching and Bob went out of his way to help us out.  When we found “the house” he worked hard for us since I was leaving at the end of the weekend.  We signed our contract at 11:00 pm the night before Easter.  Now that is service!”

 Paul and Janice Wallace – Ft. Thomas, KY

“Bob arranged for a buyer and quick sale of our former house, which was handled at the time we bought our new house.  Bob seemed to call us at the right times.  Jan works late and sleeps late.  I work early and go to bed early.  Bob never woke us up.  He always seemed to catch us at just the right time.”

 Frank Burris – Agoura Hills, CA

“Our home sold within 2 days, beyond our wildest expectations.”

 Todd and Rita Flairty – Alexandria, KY

“Bob helped us sell our house within two weeks.  He was always a phone call away.  My father passed away during the process of selling and Bob was there also.  He made everything go very smoothly.  I felt Bob went the extra mile for us.  He came in and said what needed to be done and was very clever at it.  Apparently he knew what he was talking about.  I would recommend Bob at anytime.”

 Tyler Barto – Newport, KY

“Bob did a wonderful job in helping me find and eventually purchase my first home.  He showed a great deal of patience as my requirements and desires were very specific.  I couldn’t have done it without all his help and expertise.”

 Damian and Gina Roll – Alexandria, KY

“Bob took his personal time on Saturday and Sundays to show us several properties until we found our current home.  Bob would not have sold us a home that he would not live in himself.  He was very patient with my e-mails and questions.  I have told several people about Bob and I hope he sees results.  Bob Abner is our only choice for any future moves!”

 Steve Luktenhoff, Jr – Independence, KY

“I’m glad we chose Bob to help us find our first home.  He was great.”

 Tim and Angela Mullins – Alexandria, KY

“We worked with Bob and his team in what turned out to be a very long process, due to many issues including waiting on a home to sell out of state that took 22 months and having a new house build fall through due to soil problems.  Through it all, Bob Abner was patient and supportive, never pushing.  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience.  Bob has made us life long customers and look forward to working with Bob and Huff on our next home purchase.”

Bonnie Shoemaker – NewportKY

"Bob was very good at telling us things we should know when selling a house.  He answered all our questions very clearly so we could understand what was going on.  He got down to business very fast and had our house on the market right away.  Our house was sold in 2 weeks.  I think that was great.  I would recommend Bob Abner to anyone." 

Mark & Sandy Whitford – Cold SpringKY

"We want to thank Bob Abner and Jane Yarborough, they knew we had two mortgages and they did everything they could to help relieve us from our burden.  Bob and Jane were in continuous contact with us and always provided us with options for ourselves and for potential buyers."  

Mike & Monica Langworthy – AlexandriaKY

"Bob’s open and honest approach to dealing with potentially stressful situations both inspires confidence and puts both buyers and sellers at ease.  This is the second time we have both purchased a new home and sold our old home using Bob Abner.  We are so happy with the way he conducts business that I would not consider using anyone else.  Bob keeps his word, follows up timely on all details, and has extremely high ethics.  Simply put “we trust his word”. 

Jeremiah & Jennifer Forster – WaltonKY

"Bob exceeded our expectations.  We looked for a year and Bob showed us several homes.  He never got frustrated and looked out for our best interests.  Bob was patient and explained the whole process.  He worked hard for us and we knew Bob had our best interest at heart.  Bob made the buying process easy; because we knew he was doing his best for us and would never put us in a home that wasn’t good for us."

Ada Pierce – HamiltonOH

Bob gave me exceptional service in all areas:  good communicator; dependable; respectful/courteous; confident; efficient; knowledgeable.  He got the job done and the house sold quickly.  Bob has a very pleasing personality.  I would highly recommend Bob Abner to anyone buying or selling a home in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area. 

Jennifer Sellers – CovingtonKY

“As a Realtor and a friend, Bob Abner went above and beyond the call of duty.  He was kind, friendly and catered to my needs promptly.  As a first time home buyer, I was unsure and nervous and Bob went out of his way to assure me that I was in good hands and comfortable with the home buying process.” 

Alex Smith – CovingtonKY

“Bob rocks . . . He’s the man!” 

Jeff & Allison Konen – Cold SpringKY

“Bob was extremely helpful in our home search.  As first time home buyers we had no idea what to expect with the whole process.  Bob was very knowledgeable and patient with us when we decided to purchase a home.  He went over every detail in the process from pre-approval to closing and we felt very comfortable looking at homes.  He compiled a great list in our price range and showed us some options that had the things we were interested in, as well as, pointing out things we may not noticed having not gone through the home buying experience before.  The experience was wonderful.  Bob comes highly recommended by us.  We couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.” 

Andrew Gosney & Lauren Hickey – AlexandriaKY

Bob was a great help in the process of buying our first home.  He was very informative and knowledgeable.  He answered all of our questions and was very prompt in his responses.  He was very honest and made the whole process smooth.  We felt very comfortable with Bob.  He was very personable and showed an interest in what we were looking for.  He was a great help.  We were very satisfied with Bob.  He helped us out tremendously.”

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